Infant Gifts That Last

If you are a parent or have ever shopped for an infant. you have probably noticed that most gifts seem to only last for a short time before they are outgrown and cast aside. This can make shopping for a gift challenging because you want to get something that will last. There are a few things that will continue to be enjoyed as time goes on.

Books are one of the best gifts you can give. Even before a child is born, they can hear the voices of the world around them. Books help to stimulate the language center of their brains and give the parents an opportunity to instill a love of books from the very beginning. Story time and books will grow with a child for years. First books will become the first stories a child memorizes and “reads” to their parents. These same books will often be some of the first books they actually learn to read years after infancy has passed.

Another great gift choice is any toy that inspires imagination and motor skill development. There is a variety of options within this group, from blocks and balls to dolls and toy kitchens. You may think these toys are only good for older children, but they are wonderful for infants too. In the very first months, they give them things to learn to hold and move around. As they grow, these same toys can be stacked, thrown, sorted, and played with in ways only an infant could imagine. All these things help develop motor skills and inspire imagination.

These suggestions are just a few of the many options available in your quest for the perfect gift for the infant in your life. The infant gifts that will grow with the child from infancy into toddlerhood and beyond make them the best gifts available.